Soccer Story provides soccer and RPG elements and makes you the savior of the sport

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Golf Story can certainly be described as a minor indie hit. The game combines golf simulation with RPG elements and found many fans. Perhaps also with developer PanicBarn and publisher No More Robots, who have now announced Soccer Story. There is also a little bit of Inazuma Eleven.

It’s been a year since the catastrophe shook football as we know it to its foundations. Since then, Soccer Inc. make sure no one is allowed to watch a football, let alone kick at it. Football may be banned all over the world… but now there is hope! A magical football has chosen you, our savior of football!

Football is waiting for you, but also puzzles to be solved. Bad guys are beaten in a 1-vs-1 and your brain is as busy as the footballs. Soccer Story is slated for release later this year for current consoles and PCs.

The announcement trailer:

Images: Football Story, PanicBarn, No More Robots

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