Have you ever cheated in a game?

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Cheat codes were quite popular in the early days of video games, and they weren’t necessarily bad. They were used, among other things, to quickly get to a certain point if the player was not always able to save in the game. For example, a certain key combination can be entered in the menu to start in later levels. Not only did this save you time, but it also felt like a reward for figuring out the cheat codes.

Of course, not all players see cheating as a reward. How can you consider a game complete if it is not played completely – ie in one piece? Therefore, cheating often has negative connotations.

But whether it is experienced negatively or positively is up to everyone. That’s why this week we want to know if you’ve ever cheated in a video game to unlock achievements. Tell us in today’s Sunday question!

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The results of the Sunday question of August 7

sunday question: Your first impression of Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

  • The game is exactly what I imagined. 29.93% (44 votes)
  • I haven’t played Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (yet). 28.57% (42 votes)
  • I think Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is better than expected. 27.21% (40 votes)
  • So far, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 hasn’t convinced me. 6.80% (10 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 4.08% (6 votes)
  • For me the title is worse than expected. 3.40% (5 votes)

Total: 147 votes

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