Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation gets a retail version

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This was very positively received by fans after its release for Nintendo Switch Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven Day Journey will also be released for PlayStation 4 in a few days.

Publisher Neos and developer Millennium did not communicate this this time, but again the Playstation Store. The game is now listed there for release on August 25, 2022.

In this country you will find the game with the German name Shin-chan: My Summer Vacation with the Professor ~The Endless Seven-Day Journey~. Consistent, because it also offers German lyrics!

There will also be a commercial version for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Publisher Neos has now confirmed this. However, the reports of a release via Limited Run Games are not official. When asked, Neos confirmed that a publisher for the West had not yet been found.

In connection with Harry’s business trip to Kyushu, the Nohara family spends a week at the house of Mitsy’s old friend, who lives in Pampa, Kumamoto Prefecture. On the way to Pampa, a strange man at the Kumamoto station gave Shinnosuke a somewhat strange, self-invented camera – provided he try it out and keep an eye on it.

With the camera, Shinnosuke enjoys his summer vacation and visits beautiful forests and fields. He catches insects and helps the people in the city. Of course he also makes friends. But somehow they resemble those from kindergarten…

While enjoying the cool evening air one evening, Shinnosuk observes a huge creature in the light of the full moon. A man is standing next to her, laughing loudly… It is the somewhat strange man who gave him the camera at the station. His name is “Professor Perfidus”. Since that meeting, strange events began to unfold…

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Artwork: Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven Day Journey, Neos CorporationMillennium Kitchen

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