As expected, the atmospheric Planet of Lana introduces the Xbox deal

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Only in June did Planet of Lana back with a new trailer after about a year of silence. Meanwhile, the schedule of the makers of Thunderful and indie studio Wishfully has become more concrete and a deal has been struck.

Planet of Lana is slated for release for PCs and Xbox in Spring 2023 and will be available in Xbox Game Pass from the start. Given the availability of consoles (Xbox only) and the enthusiasm of many viewers after the first gig, a deal was in the offing.

The new trailer also carries the Xbox branding.

A planet that was once a place of undisturbed balance between humans, nature and animals and has now taken on a completely different shape. The disharmony that has been brewing for centuries has finally manifested itself in the form of a faceless army. But this is not a story about war. Rather, it is about a vibrant, beautiful planet and the path to its preservation.

Planet of Lana attracts attention with its hand-drawn and atmospheric graphics. An “epic soundtrack” and an “unforgettable story” are also promised. You can expect classic platform gameplay, as well as challenging puzzles, stealth sequences and a companion mechanism between Lana and Mui.

At Gamescom you can try Planet of Lana!

The new trailer:

Images: Planet of Lana, Thunderful PublishingDesirable

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