WhatsApp for computer does not need to be connected to the phone

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The “WhatsApp” instant communication application announced that using the application on a computer no longer needs to be connected to a smartphone to function, in a step that will make it easier for many who rely on the application to complete the own work.

WhatsApp said in an update posted on its official website that the new computer version is now available for everyone. WhatsApp claims that its users in the past had to have their phone next to them in order to connect with their computer, in order to use the “desktop” version of the application, but this is no longer necessary. The application adds that it always strives to improve the application experience on computers and in context a copy of the application has been developed, especially for computers running Windows and Mac.

Benefits of the new step include increasing the speed and reliability of the application, providing a version compatible with the computer’s operating systems, and continuing to receive alerts and messages even when the phone is not connected to Internet . And WhatsApp has placed a link to download a copy of the application on computers running both systems, explaining the steps required to do so.

The introductory page of the application on the Microsoft Store says that “WhatsApp” is owned by “Meta”, and is 100% free and used by two billion people in 180 countries around the world.

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