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Another game that skipped the opening show and begged for attention the next day: The Action RPG The Last Oricru unveils a new trailer and will be available for download on PS5 and XSX on October 13.

Otherwise, the accompanying press release explains what to expect:

The Last Oricru is a storydriven actionRPG that places players in the midst of an ongoing conflict between two races on a partially terraformed planet isolated from space by a protective barrier. Your decisions bring interesting twists to the gameplay that greatly influence the conflict and its outcome. You will experience hundreds of intense battles in a brutal medieval world where every decision has its consequences. They upgrade their hero, adjust their skills before facing one of the many boss battles.

Fascinating story

The Last Oricru offers the chance to delve into the forgotten past of a fascinating world. Players discover the conspiracy behind the events that take place during the game. They let the warring factions understand their motives for fighting, or they ignore everything and everyone and just let the world burn. The history of The Last Oricru is complex and players may need multiple iterations until all the puzzle pieces come together.

Influential decisions

A huge decision tree where ingame decisions lead to different outcomes that affect the story, the characters, the ending of the game, but also the visuals of the levels and even the flow of the game. Every action, submission, and every life taken can affect the player’s reputation with any faction. There are several ways to The Last Oricru to continue playing and no right or wrong decision. However, all decisions will literally determine the fate of the world.

Challenging Battles

The battles are easy to learn but hard to master, aiming to create a difficult but rewarding experience. Melee and ranged weapons with unique attack animations and secondary abilities, shields, technomagic items, weight control and an upgrade system provide a wide range of customization options to suit your playstyle. Traveling through different areas of the wartorn world, players will encounter several massive battles in which they can prove their loyalty by aiding their fellow combatants, but also fight their way through unsuspecting and surprised opponents.

bank coop

The Last Oricru is designed to make coop a unique experience. For example, players can find new fun ways to defeat bosses or reach special secret areas. The classic RPG character status system allows everyone to individually specialize their own character so that the benefits of the different roles can be used: Be it a powerful “tank”, archer or magician duo with their own coop magic to wreak havoc to target among the enemies . Even classic swordsmen can join in The Last Oricru Hack the enemies side by side.

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