Destiny 2 disables heavy grenade launchers after a glitch makes them too good

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Season of Plunder is off to a fun, but bumpy start, and Destiny 2’s heavy grenade launchers are the best example of this. Just one day after the new update came out, almost all of them were temporarily turned off because a bug was making them do more than double their normal damage.

Soon after Season 18 started, players like Aztecross and others started to notice the bug. The most recent patch made grenade launchers stronger, but some of them did way more damage than the 10 percent that was promised. Instead, the Exotic heavy grenade launcher Anarchy and a few others were doing 150 percent or more. So, some of the weakest legendary weapons in the game suddenly became some of the strongest.

Yellow bars were falling with a single shot from guns we wouldn’t normally touch. It…felt…good. But it was also doomed to fail. The massive damage glitch would have messed up the King’s Fall raid race on Friday, so Bungie has disabled almost every heavy grenade launcher in the game until the next hotfix.

It’s a pretty big step, and while I can see why they did it, it still kind of stinks. Usually, if something isn’t working right, only one weapon or piece of gear will be turned off. So did Bungie with the Icefall Mantle Exotic Titan gauntlets yesterday. One player found out soon after Season 18 that they could start an infinite super glitch by combining it with the Titans’ new Arc 3.0 thruster dash. Bungie took it offline, which wasn’t a big surprise. Now, though, it’s a whole type of weapon being put on hold. We hope it won’t last too long.

It’s not the only mistake this season so far. There have also been problems with how new activities track progress and give out currency. In those cases, Bungie tells players to wait until the timer puts them back in orbit before leaving the area and doing something else. Also, you won’t get new map pieces if you don’t have room in your inventory. Instead of going to the postmaster, they won’t show up. I had to learn this the hard way.

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