Your highlights and your conclusion about Gamescom 2022 / Opening Night Live?

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After two years in purely digital form, Gamescom is back this year. However, the stock market did not have it easy. Some major publishers announced in advance that they would not have a booth at the fairgrounds. Furthermore, Gamescom limited ticket sales so that the halls are not completely overcrowded. But although the prices rose, the halls were well filled and Saturday was completely sold out. So there was a lot going on.

There was also plenty to do during the Opening Night Live. Geoff Keighley kept announcing game after game, showing off new trailers and saying hello to friend Hideo Kojima. All around a pretty solid show, isn’t it? At least some of the announcements converged on the two-hour show. That’s why we ask you this Sunday what your highlights were. We would also like to know a general conclusion from you about how you found Gamescom 2022 (in the form of school grades)?

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The results of the Sunday question of August 21

sunday question: Which retro console needs a comeback?

  • Playstation 2 22.99% (20 votes)
  • Nintendo GameCube 18.39% (16 votes)
  • Another console [Hier nicht aufgelistet] 16.09% (14 votes)
  • SNES 13.79% (12 votes)
  • Game Boy Advance 12.64% (11 votes)
  • Nintendo 64 10.34% (9 votes)
  • PlayStation 3.45% (3 votes)
  • SEGA Mega Drive 1.15% (1 votes)
  • C64 1.15% (1 votes)
  • NES 0.00% (0 votes)
  • Game Boy/Color 0.00% (0 votes)

Total votes: 87 votes

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