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A “technical expert” warns against updating the mobile … and reveals the risks

The technical specialist, Abdullah Al-Sabaa, confirmed that he did not update the latest versions of the mobile; It could cause security holes and data loss.

Al-Saba ‘said in a speech on the “Al-Ikhbariya” channel that failure to update makes the user vulnerable to phishing and security problems and can lead to user data loss and other problems.

The technician added that Apple was deliberately slowing down the cell phone’s battery to preserve its life; Since the battery is “wearing out” and the processor is running at full capacity, this poses a problem for the user.

Al-Saba pointed out that the batteries have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, some cell phone manufacturers have resorted to slowing down their phones in order to save batteries; While these companies do not (currently) interfere in slowing down the speed of the mobile and leave the matter to the user.

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