Warning: Destiny 2’s Resilience Arc 3.0 bug is one of its worst.

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Even though this bug has been happening since the start of Season of Plunder in Destiny 2, I didn’t notice it until I ran the King’s Fall raid last night. When I brought it up, I saw that many other people hadn’t heard about the bug yet, even though Bungie had already said they were looking into it.

What’s going on is that the Resilience stat, which became required last season and where 100 points equal a 40% reduction in damage in PvE, doesn’t work at all for Arc 3.0 Warlocks and Titans. It looks like hunters found a way to avoid this.

Normal seasonal content like Expeditions or Ketchcrash may show it a little, but it really stands out when you do harder content like the raid or things at a higher power level. Last night during the raid, I tried to run arc 3.0 Warlock, but I could barely make it through Totems. When I got to Warpriest, I realized I was too much of a liability since mobs with what I can only call a severe health debuff could kill me.

The bug seems to go above and beyond just turning Resilience off, as I feel like it almost makes you take more damage than you would have before Resilience was changed to a damage-reducing stat. I’ve essentially never felt this squishy outside of GMs or Master content. A theory is that since Bungie bases most base stat values on Tier 3 (30) stats if Resilience truly has “shut off” and is at zero on Warlock and Titan, you may be taking even more damage than you might otherwise.

I think this is a particularly bad bug because A) it’s subtle, so you might not even know it’s happening until you read an article like this. You might think you’re playing less carefully and dying more or that Bungie made encounters harder. And B) I mean, it basically kills two of the three brand-new arcs 3.0 subclasses that everyone wants to use until it’s fixed.

Bungie is aware of this problem. They posted about it four days ago, before the raid race began. Since then, there have been two hotfixes, but it still hasn’t been fixed, as far as I can tell, and my raiding experience last night

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