Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Villains Of All Time

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Few series have had the same global effect as Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. It debuted as a manga in 1984 and has since spawned a massively popular anime, various movies, and numerous excellent video game adaptations. Its diverse array of heroes is one of many factors that have led to its long-term popularity. In contrast, many will argue that the villains are just as essential, if not more so.

Few shows have been as consistent as Dragon Ball in establishing memorable antagonists. There have been some great villains over the years, and with a new Dragon Ball movie just released and a follow-up to Dragon Ball Super on the way, that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. Not all villains have struck the mark nor been used to their full potential. When the show gets it right, which is far more often than not, the results speak for themselves. The finest Dragon Ball villains are as iconic as the series’ heroes. They significantly contribute to Akira Toriyama’s creation’s popularity among fans.

  1. King Piccolo

    First Appearance: The Piccolo Saga (Dragon Ball)


    Those who did not watch the original Dragon Ball arcs will only know Piccolo as one of the good guys. He was once one of the planet’s history’s most serious threats. His numerous fights with Goku were some of the best in pre-Z Dragon Ball, and the storyline involving him and Kame was fun and thrilling.

    King Piccolo might not have been as strong as some of the more contemporary main characters in the series. Nonetheless, he was a match for a young Goku and had a great personality. On the other hand, Piccolo Junior is far more balanced and complex than his former boss. This additional level of reasoning enhances the character’s appeal. It is ultimately what causes Namekian to change his ways.

  2. Jiren

    First Appearance: Episode 85 of the Dragon Ball Super


    The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super introduced a slew of new fighters, including Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale. Jiren, the crowned jewel of Universe 11, is one fighter who has stood out the most.

  3. Omega Shenron

    First Appearance: The Shadow Dragons Saga (Dragon Ball GT)


    Goku and his friends have spent a long time utilizing the unbelievable power of the titular Dragon Balls with little effect. All of that changed in Dragon Ball GT when a buildup of negative energy caused by the overuse of the little orange balls resulted in the creation of the Shadow Dragons, seven powerful creatures hellbent on committing evil acts all over the world.

    Syn Shenron, who becomes Omega Shenron after eating all seven Dragon Balls, is these dragons’ most potent and evil. He is significantly more powerful than Goku and Vegeta. They had to combine into the Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta to defeat him. They end up defusing it before they can land the finishing blow, forcing Goku to summon a Universal Spirit Bomb to finish the job.

  4. Broly

    First Appearance: Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan


    Broly was an incredibly one-dimensional character which made for an unimpressive villain even at the best of times when he first appeared in the Dragon Ball world back in the 1990s movie trilogy. Thankfully, Toriyama and his team decided to give the character a second chance in the latest Dragon Ball Super film, which he accepted with both of his abnormally large hands.

    The character’s backstory is brilliantly developed in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, making him more attractive as a character and a villain. However, he still possesses incredible strength and can challenge Goku and Vegeta for supremacy. Even though Gogeta eventually defeats him, the movie’s climax raises the possibility that he might still be important to the series’ future.

  5. Fused Zamasu

    First Appearance: Episode #47: “SOS from the Future: A Dark New Enemy Appears!” (2016) (Dragon Ball Super)


    Zamasu’s fused form is an entirely different beast if the unfused Zamasu is a significant threat on his own. One of the strongest fusions in Dragon Ball is the Fused Zamasu, which was created by combining Future Zamasu and Goku Black. Fused Zamasu, the final challenge in the Future Trunks saga, essentially gave up immortality to become a more powerful adversary. While doing so made him killable, it was still strong enough to compete with characters like Goku and Vegeta while also overpowering and defeating them.

  6. Majin Buu

    First Appearance: The Majin Buu Saga (Dragon Ball Z)


    Like many other Dragon Ball antagonists, viewers are given a fair warning before Majin Buu arrives on the scene. Planning goes a long way toward unlocking Majin Buu’s destructive potential, starting with the introduction of the enigmatic Kais and ending with the discovery of Babidi and his strange demon servant Dabura.

    The creature will finally come to life, and the Z gang comes across a young pink puffball who is very different from how the Kais had described him. Of course, it turns out that the part where he’s described as being extremely strong is actual. Unlike Cell, Buu can absorb just about anyone and even change his appearance with each new Z-fighter he ingests. It’s also thanks to Buu that viewers saw fusion for the first time, a technique that’s played a pivotal role in the series since.

  7. Cell

    First Appearance: The Imperfect Cell Saga (Dragon Ball Z)


    The way the Android Saga transitioned into the Cell Saga was a prime example of expectations being refused to obey. Preparations for the dangers faced by androids had taken a long time. Ultimately, however, it was an unknown and unexpected foe who nearly brought the planet to its knees. His return to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was incredible, but most fans welcomed him.

    The way the Android Saga gave way to the Cell Saga was a prime example of defying expectations. So much time had been expended getting ready for the android threat. However, a previously unknown and unexpected foe nearly brought the planet to its knees. His return to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was incredible, but most fans greeted him with open arms.

  8. Majin Vegeta

    First Appearance: Majin Vegeta vs. Super Saiyan 2 Goku! The Ultimate Battle! 


    Majin Vegeta is the form Vegeta took after becoming a Babidi follower. When Babidi attempted to take control of Vegeta mystically, he invaded his mind, which he could only do because of the hidden depths of evil lurking within his heart.

  9. Frieza

    First Appearance: The Namek Saga (Dragon Ball Z)


    Transformations may be widespread these days, but watching Frieza work his way through the gears during the Frieza Saga was truly unique. Every time he announced a new form, viewers’ imaginations were in overdrive. His final form, however, is arguably the least frightening. At least, not visually. As he and Goku battle, it’s impossible to avoid feeling overpowered by the character’s evil. At the same time, Namek collapses in on itself around them. Even after it’s clear that he’ll never be able to defeat Goku, he’d rather die trying than surrender to a lesser being. Super appears to be grooming the character to be the next Vegeta, even giving him a flashy new golden form. Whatever happens next is unlikely to match the character’s time on Namek.

  10. Goku Black

    First Appearance: The Future Trunks Saga (Dragon Ball Super)


    When Dragon Ball Super was announced in 2015, expectations were low after the massively underwhelming Dragon Ball GT. As a result, fans were happily surprised when both the manga and the anime were good. It’s excellent. While not entirely on par with Dragon Ball Z, some of the Super’s arcs and many of the new characters introduced have been fantastic. Goku Black, who is effectively an immortal god hiding out in an alternate version of Goku’s body, is one of the most interesting. He’s a brilliantly written character who poses a genuine and believable threat and even has his own Super Saiyan transformation.

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