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On Nintendo Direct, Square Enix has this week for the first time Theatrhythm Final Bar Line announced. The game will also be released on February 16, 2023 for PlayStation 4 alongside Nintendo Switch.

Unlike its predecessors, the new offshoot of the Theatrhythm series doesn’t have a crossover title, and for good reason. Music not only comes from Final Fantasy, but also from other Square Enix games. But for that you have to put it on.

While 385 songs from Final Fantasy are included in the main game, you’ll need to purchase the song packs for NieR, SaGa, and Mana, as well as Octopath Traveler, Live A Live, and The World Ends With You via DLC. We now have a little more insight into that the eShop offers us.

For the individual packages you have to pay between 2.49 euros (Xenogears Pack) and 5.99 euros (SaGa). For example, the DLC pack for Octopath Traveler, consisting of five additional songs, costs 3.99 euros. You can see and rate the prices and content of the DLC packs for yourself in the eShop.

For Switch and PS4 there will be a commercial version* grant.

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