Limited beta phase in Germany has started

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The Pokémon Company has been working on it for a while Pokemon TCG Live. Behind the somewhat cumbersome title is a mobile game that digitizes the TCG. The game was supposed to go into soft launch in 2021, but it was delayed, as was the global beta test.

The beta phase is now running and since a few days we can also participate from Germany. The beta phase is “limited”, although it is not entirely clear where the limitation lies. You can download the app in App Store and with google play download, as well as on the official site for desktop PCs.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is intended to replace the current Pokémon Trading Card Game Online when it is officially launched. We want your Pokémon TCG Online achievements to be carried over the first time you log in if you use the same Trainer Club account.

This is exactly what is already possible with the beta. So you should think twice before making the switch. Especially if you play in official TCGO tournaments. The new app itself will be available for free and in German.

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