Final Fantasy XVI missed the Tokyo Game Show, but the next trailer is coming

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Who at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 for news Final Fantasy XVI had waited, he certainly wouldn’t have had too high expectations given the impending publication. However, they were disappointed.

Development of the game has been “on the home straight” for quite some time and while the major marketing plan hasn’t kicked in yet, the Tokyo Game Show would certainly have been a trade show that would have made the game plausible.

But Final Fantasy XVI was left empty-handed this week. But of course Naoki Yoshida was also at the Tokyo Game Show and whenever Naoki Yoshida is anywhere, he is asked about Final Fantasy XVI and can rarely be dishonest. Yoshida spoke at the Japan Game Awards 2022 “Future Division”. These awards are for upcoming games that fans are eagerly awaiting.

Final Fantasy XVI won this award and that’s how we saw Naoki Yoshida on stage. He revealed that the current plan is to release the next trailer for the game in October 2022. So fans won’t have to wait long!

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to the marketing or PR teams yet so I don’t know how much to say, but I think we can probably release the next trailer next month or so.. And then I hope give you a rough idea of ​​when it will come out.”

So Naoki Yoshida also hopes to further shorten the period of the game’s release. Final Fantasy XVI has been announced for a summer 2023 release.

Naoki Yoshida also made some comments about the in-game action and how to adapt it to different players with different experience levels. But here we are still waiting for accurate translations. We will pass this information on later!

After a long radio silence, Final Fantasy XVI returned with a new trailer on the latest issue of State of Play in June. Naoki Yoshida then gave the media many interviews, from which many new details emerged. This way we learned more about the combat system, the world and the Espers.

After that, Naoki Yoshida also answered the party question and explained why Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a command-based combat system. It also became clear that Final Fantasy XVI is going to be a very political game – Naoki Yoshida didn’t shy away from real-world comparisons.

Japan Game Awards 2022 Future Division

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