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Powerwash Simulator also for PS4, PS5 & Switch


Square Enix Collective and FuturLab have the Power Wash Simulator also announced for PS4, PS5 and Switch at the Tokyo Game Show. A trailer for the ports is also shown.

Kenny Washmore, Official Pressure Washing Expert, explains more in the video:

“If you’re excited about pressure washing, you know it’s not always as great as you think. Tangled hoses, electricity, mud and dirty water. If only there was a way to find that blissful, pure fulfillment without all the hassle! We have the perfect product for you to help YOU clean like a pro!”

“It is Power Wash Simulator! Washes away the unnecessary complications and gets to the good part. To feel clean without being exhausted! Was a car, was a house. Visit faraway places like Muckingham, and clean them too! Cleaning has never been so much fun.”

“Of Power Wash Simulator you will find the fulfillment of a deep cleansing without having to get up from the couch. A single cleaning simulator is sufficient for all contaminations: Power Wash Simulator a highpressure cleaning miracle!”

Power Wash Simulator is already available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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