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Hands-On With The New Hermès Lucky Horse Face On The Apple Watch Series 8


You foresaw it happening. When Apple’s Hermès watch line debuted with the nation’s hottest watch face, we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. I braved the line at a UPS customer center to give you a firsthand look at the Lucky Horse watch face on the Apple Watch Series 8 Hermès. Apple also unveiled the “Lucky Horse” watch face for the Hermès line and the new Series 8 watch. The face is intended to honor the equestrian roots of the clothing line.

The watch screen’s design is straightforward, with an apple and a horse show placed appropriately in the bottom left corner and a horse’s head serving as the screen’s main focus. Yes, I did attempt to feed the horse the apple, but it was an opportunity lost. Additionally, two spaces are available for complications on the Lucky Horse watch face’s upper corners. They are the weather, and your activity rings by default.

The watch face is offered in four color schemes for customization (lay person colors in parentheses).

  • Capucine (orange on black)
  • Bleu Hydra (blue on yellow)
  • Fris Pâle (grey on orange)
  • Bleu lin (light blue on dark blue).

The Apple Watch has a lot of personalities thanks to the Hermès Lucky Horse watch face. As it happens, the horse moves! Not much, but adequate. The mouth, ears, and nostrils may occasionally move, but that’s all you’ll notice. I’ll be truthful. When I first noticed it, I was thrilled that I screamed. Not because I particularly adore horses, but rather because I’m still a kid at heart and am easily amused. My favorite feature is the horse’s eye blinking when you tap on it. When the watch switches to always-on mode, the horse also shuts one eye. What a clever idea!


I think many of you will agree with me that there is something about this face that makes us swoon. It gives the Apple Watch distinctive color options and personality. It might serve as a conversation starter as you wager on the horses at the Kentucky Derby or do anything else that the Hermès target market enjoys doing on the weekends. Most of my conversations will likely center on how much time I wasted watching a horse wink at me on this watch. Want a band that looks like Hermès but doesn’t cost Hermès prices? These questionable choices might be appealing to you.

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