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In a freak accident, Google mistakenly transferred a quarter of a million dollars

In a freak incident, Google mistakenly sent a quarter of a million dollars to a blogger, who waited about a month for a response from the company explaining what happened.

Blogger Sam Curry made it clear on Twitter last week that the tech giant “randomly” transferred him $ 249,999, with a photo of the tweet attached.

He also said in the tweet, “It’s okay if you don’t want to take it back,” adding that it’s been more than three weeks since he received the unanswered money, according to Business Insider.

He added that he didn’t spend the money and kept it until the company asked for a refund, indicating that he might need to transfer the money to another account to avoid paying taxes on it.

For its part, a spokesperson for “Google” said in a statement: “The company has transferred the amount due to human error.” He also expressed appreciation for the man who immediately informed them, adding that the company is working to correct the mistake.

A similar incident was reported last month when Crypto.com, a cryptocurrency exchange, mistakenly transferred more than $ 10 million to a woman instead of $ 100.

However, it took the company seven months to discover the error, a time when it had spent or transferred significant sums.

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