2K Games was hacked, and a scary statement came out

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A statement was released on Wednesday by 2K Games, a well-known video game publisher for developing some great titles such as NBA 2K and BioShock. The statement confirmed that a breaching act had occurred, which may also impact the users. It appears that 2K Games was hacked.

Since the hack affects the help desk platform, it could send messages to players already in the game. The complete statement confirms that there was unauthorized third-party access to the help desk platform using the credentials of one of their vendors. The hacker sent emails with malicious links to a certain list of players.

If you have been sent such an email and already clicked on the link, the developer instructs players to:

  • Reset any user account passwords stored in your web browser.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) whenever available, especially on personal email, banking, and phone or internet provider accounts. If possible, avoid using MFA that relies on text message verification – using an authenticator app would be the most secure method.
  • Install and run a reputable anti-virus program
  • Check your account settings to see if any forwarding rules have been added or changed on your personal email accounts.

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