Control designer shows solidarity with GTA team and shows unfinished scenes from his game

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After the mega leak of Grand Theft Auto VI last weekend, some developers showed solidarity with the employees of Rockstar Games. One of the first was Neil Druckmanwho has often experienced first-hand what a leak feels like.

In particular, the critical comments from fans about the state of the build, which is about a year old, aren’t just a problem for the developers. A lot of people obviously don’t know what a game looks like at this stage of development. It’s certainly not just the fans’ fault.

Publishers find it difficult to show unfinished material from their games early on. Again, this is understandable. A vicious circle that some now want to break. This also applies to Paul Ehrlichh, Lead Designer at Remedy and responsible for Control.

He posted a video to YouTube with scenes from early development and made a snide comment aimed specifically at fans who thought the “graphics” would be one of the first things to be completed during development.

Since graphics are the first thing finished in a video game and Control has won several awards for excellent graphics, here are images from the beginning of development,” said Ehrlichh. on Twitter.

The video shows (of course) unfinished environment images, placeholders everywhere, failed physics, and stiff animations. This is what a game looks like when it’s in development. In principle, the material does not allow any conclusions about the finished game.

Early development material for Control:

Images: Control, Remedy Entertainment, 505 games

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