Masahiro Sakurai Takes A Look At What Makes An RPG

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You thought YouTube has nothing to offer you and you will never “leave” something like a “subscription” anywhere? That was before Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai started his channel.

He is often asked if he can give presentations and courses in schools. That’s a good idea, but it would only reach a few in the end. So now the YouTube channel, Sakurai said at the opening. He has since shared quite a few interesting insights and his latest video is all about JRPGs.

“What’s an RPG?” asks Sakurai even. “There are countless different elements that make up role-playing games. In this episode, I’ll look at the risks and rewards inherent in two core principles of JRPGs: exploration and combat.”

When it comes to combat, Sakurai mostly focuses on turn-based RPGs. If you’ve been playing RPGs for a long time, Sakurai can’t tell you much with this short episode. In that case, check out his other really entertaining videos On!

Game essence in role playing

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