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RimWorld Console Edition Patch Notes 1.09 Update Today on September 22, 2022

A new update has been released for RimWorld Console Edition Update 1.09 You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. RimWorld Console Edition Update 1.09 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.



  • Added: Poison synthesis to research tree

  • Added: When creating a colony, if there is a task which no selected character can perform, a dialog warning is now shown

  • Added: Postpone option for a number of wanderer will join quests

  • Added: Bills which include the ability to smelt, destroy or burn weapons and apparel now have options to choose between biocoded, non-biocoded, clean or tainted. Other special allowances for ingredient menus also added with this feature

  • Improved: Memory usage during randomisation of characters

  • Improved: Scrolling through history records for colonist with a lot of past/recent log previously caused performance to drop

  • Improved: When multiple of the same object were selected, choosing to build a copy previously caused performance stuttering


  • Added: Ability to delete a restriction group which is applied to a colonist in the “Assign menu” with a warning

  • Added: On-screen UI showing distance between landing beacons

  • Added: The expiring quest message now has jump to option

  • Added: The alerts and messages for the mech buildings now has jump to the source option

  • Added: Cancel option to “Abandon All” items confirmation prompt in the Caravan UI

  • Added: Change tab prompt on each tab on form caravan to improve player experience

  • Added: Select prompt to extras menu

  • Added: custom language-based styling to support upcoming language additions

  • Improved: “Allow all” toggling no longer affects special filters

  • Improved: UI only enters area build mode, if player confirms selection from area menu instead of every time the player exits area management screens

  • Improved: Scroll position correctly resets when tab change occurs

  • Improved: Moved control prompts on build mode to differentiate between actions and make the actions clearer

  • Improved: The button prompt to close the completed research message was not consistent to other dialogs – changed to X/A

  • Improved: Warning, alert and good colours adjust to new levels when forming a caravan to better reflect status

  • Improved: Info button when multiple objects are selected only shows when option is possible


  • Added: Translations for labels in Animal pen management screens and Permit tabs


  • Added: Sound effects in Bills and trade menus



  • Balanced: Corrected filth generation rate

  • Balanced: Wild plant regrowth

  • Balanced: XP gained for crafting and creating art

  • Balanced: Weather updating and rate of change

  • Balanced: Ground penetrating mineral scanner speed

  • Fixed: Opening content of Shuttle after instructing a colonist to enter would sometimes cause a soft-lock for shuttle-related Royalty quests

  • Fixed: Inventory bindings now consistently apply when entering the game for a second time

  • Fixed: Threat pause setting is now working consistently

  • Fixed: Error on suspending and returning to the game while loading

  • Fixed: Debug warning when multiple use of psylink abilities occur

  • Fixed: Errors on entirely dead or empty colony

  • Fixed: Pressing the Cross/A button in social tab of caravan details did not switch selection to the log panel

  • Fixed: Attempting to replant a tree caused the controller to not respond, on occasions when the interact option was displayed

  • Fixed: Gracefully handling a colonist dying while player is in the mood menu

  • Removed: unintentional ability to rename dead colonists


  • Fix: Pregnancy icon now updates correctly for animal menu

  • Fixed: The Scrollbar to navigate the quest description within the “Quests” UI wasn’t functioning on occasion

  • Fixed: Operation names could be too long causing the pause UI to overflow or disappear from the health bill list

  • Fixed: Selecting details via the “i” prompt in gear page of an active caravan will now correctly show detailed information

  • Fixed: Occasions when a details card blocked the view of stats for items in various screens

  • Fixed: Issue caused when no colonists left in your colony, and you opened the Work or Schedule menu

  • Fixed: Having a Colonist who is “Incapable of Violence” as your warden caused the “None of your wardens is capable of violence” pop-up to incorrectly appear when you open the “Prisoner” tab

  • Fixed: The highlight of items within the “Allowed” list of bills ingredients was partially cut off when the last item in the list was selected

  • Fixed: Holding down the button to confirm trade would previously open the interact menu of a faction on the world map

  • Fixed: ‘Caravan arrived at weather controller’ message could not be deleted after reforming caravan from a site

  • Fixed: Overflowing text in the Difficulty level section of the pause menu

  • Fixed: Forming a caravan while leaving details page open caused the details page to remain on the screen

  • Fixed: Navigating to Needs tab of a refugee pawn causes an error to occur. Players may have seen incorrect details

  • Fixed: Highlight selection bar disappeared when scrolling through long social logs while at 3x speed

  • Removed: Spacing and line breaks being added when the work description is updated

  • Removed: Incorrect L1/LB prompts from non-colonist objects in target mode, such as queue actions and cancel when transport pods were selected

  • Removed: Incorrect option to train “guard” appeared on animals with “Trainability – None”

  • Removed: UI being rendered twice which caused map appears too dark under translucent windows


  • Fixed: Changes to Ambient sounds options didn’t take immediate effect when adjusted in Settings menu


  • Fixed: Missing characters in Korean localisations when italics were used in English

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