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The DioField Chronicle launch trailer for today’s release


In March 2022, the tactical role-playing game The Dio Field Chronicle revealed during the State of Play event. Today is the day of the video game release, so we’ll give you another quick rundown. There is also a short launch trailer.

Amazon exclusively offers an edition of The DioField Chronicle. You get a steel book for the game at no extra cost compared to the standard version. However, this version is only available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

A standard version is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. in the Square Enix Store there is also a Collector’s Edition with a board game. PCs are digitally powered.

It promises to be a deep and compelling story with an excellent cast. The heart of the game is the new “Real Time Tactical Battle” system, RTTB for short. As the name suggests, the battles take place in real time. While you can pause the game to give orders, the world and enemies “will not pause,” they say. So you’ll have your hands full with the diorama-esque battlefield.

Under the Shaytham dynasty, the kingdom of Alletain on the island of DioField enjoyed 200 years of peace – but the emergence of new powers and modern magic mean that this is about to change. The age of myth is giving way to an age of great turmoil. The human world is ravaged by a war that will last for many years.

A group of elite mercenaries, the Blue Foxes, rise amid the flames and chaos, and their fate and brave deeds will be sung for a long time to come. But will the name “blue fox” ultimately be a symbol of hope or tragedy?

By the way, The DioField Chronicle is being developed by Lancarse. Monark currently also comes from this Japanese forge, but before that also Zanki Zero: Last Beginning of Lost Dimension. Character designs are by Taiki (Lord of Vermillion III and IV), and concept art is by Isamu Kamikokuryo (Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII). Scenario design is by Yuu Ohshima (Fire Emblem Awakening). The soundtrack is contributed by Ramin Djawadi, whose sounds you know from Game of Thrones, Westworld or Pacific Rim.

If you’re still unsure, you can try the demo version first and transfer your progress to the full game later.

Images: The DioField Chronicle, Square EnixLancarse

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