Game Trailers: Train Life: A Railway Simulator Now Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One & XSX

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Nacon and Simteract announce that: Train Life: A Railway Simulator Available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. A suitable launch trailer is also shown.

Offers for the first time in the genre Train Life: A Railway Simulator the opportunity to run your own railway company as an experienced train driver. At administrative level, employees are hired, new trains are purchased and contracts are concluded, while the train’s speed is regulated in the driver’s cab, the correct switch position is checked and the emergency brake is activated if necessary. NACON and Simteract have specially worked on the modeling of trains and the management gameplay to provide a fun and authentic experience.

During his time in Early Access Train Life: A Railway Simulator received a lot of content: official locomotives (ICE and Newag Griffins), new regions (Western Europe, the Alps and parts of Eastern Europe), as well as many different scenarios in which fans use their skills as an engineer and manager.

Simteract listened to the community during Early Access and made a number of tweaks and features, such as an improved GPS system, more vital map information, and variable weather conditions. For the final version, the game tutorial has been improved and new scenarios, controller vibrations and achievements have been added.

The Orient Express arrives on September 22 Train Life: A Railway Simulator On. Available as DLC and in the game version of the same name, the Orient Express is a famous steam train built by the Compagnie Internationale des WagonLits. Its operation differs significantly from that of modern trains: the drivers have to shovel coal into the firebox and operate the controller to make the train move forward. This new locomotive has five exclusive scenarios and two new stations in career mode: Strasbourg and Vienna.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator will also be released for Switch later.

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