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At Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto was bordering on launching Super Mario Bros. until spring 2023. The strip has recently been “finished”. The new film adaptation was announced in 2019, but no scenes from the film have been released to date.

But that’s going to change very soon. Like New York Comic Con pride announced, the first teaser trailer for Nintendo’s upcoming movie and Illumination, will be premiered on October 6 at 10 p.m. GMT. Incidentally, the specific cinema release date of April 7, 2023 was also mentioned.

Fans around the world are just as excited as Mario’s dungarees. Chris Pratt, who called Mario not without controversy, no longer. He has already seen the video and naturally it’s fantastic “I just saw the teaser trailer for myself for the very first time. I’m just blown away. You too, I promise you. This one is VERY special. I can’t wait,” he said enthusiastically Twitter.

Is Spike attending?

No details are yet known about the content of the animated film. Only previously unconfirmed backgrounds. Actor and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco casually revealed on a 2021 podcast that he will be taking on a role in the Super Mario Bros. animated film.

“I play Spike, her boss,” Maniscalco said at the time. And that’s where the pretty deep Mario lore begins. Foreman Spike was a character in the NES game rescue party from 1985. In this game, which came before Super Mario Bros. is released, you as Mario try to destroy certain objects with a heavy hammer.

Spike, a foreman, was also there. But he was constantly sabotaging Mario’s plans. Spike also reappeared in 1998’s Wrecking Crew ’98, which was released only in Japan. Other than that, he didn’t play a major role in Mario’s long history.

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