Square Enix celebrates its 20th anniversary with this melody clock

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The first Kingdom Hearts was released in Japan on March 28, 2002 for PlayStation 2. Some of you probably just bought it because it features Final Fantasy characters. Or?

Kingdom Hearts has long outgrown its infancy thanks to Nomura. This year, the series celebrated its 20th anniversary with an anniversary event, which eventually culminated in the reveal of Kingdom Hearts IV.

And of course with merchandise. This includes a beautifully melodious watch that explicitly celebrates its 20th anniversary, even though it will only be delivered in Germany in September 2023. in the Square Enix Store you can pre-order it for 159.99 euros.

The clock plays a melody on the hour. Fortunately, thanks to a light sensor only if the room is “well lit”. In the dark, a backlight illuminates the artwork. The clock constantly plays 12 songs, including classics like Traverse Town, Dearly Beloved, The Other Promise and Passion. You can adjust the volume in three steps.

Artwork: Square Enix

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