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Production of the iPhone 14 begins in India

Apple has started manufacturing its new iPhone 14 in India, which will narrow the technology gap with the main manufacturing base of the device in China.

The company announced it on Monday, less than three weeks after the unveiling of the “iPhone 14”. “We are thrilled to be producing the iPhone 14 in India,” Apple said in a statement confirming the move.

Bloomberg News reported in August that the company had partnered with suppliers to increase production in India, shortening the lead with China in manufacturing. Apple, which has long made most iPhones in China, is looking for alternatives as China clashes with the US government and imposes nationwide lockdowns to curb the Covid-19 virus, which has disrupted business. economic. Bloomberg News reported that Foxconn Technology Group, a leading iPhone manufacturer, has been studying the process of shipping components from China and assembling the iPhone 14 at its factory outside the southern Indian city of Chennai. This included looking for ways to keep Apple’s highly confidential standards.

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