Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles now come with a 6nm process called Oberon Plus

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The newest version of the Sony console has a new SoC made with TSMC 6nm process technology. This smaller node works with the 7nm node used so far for the Sony PS5 “Oberon” SoC.

The design of the 6nm port of Oberon is the same, and there are no changes to how the processor is set up. Still, the underlying Zen2 compute and RDNA2 graphics architectures have not changed.

Credit: Angstronomics

The new SoC was found a few weeks after the new console variant was spotted in Australia for the first time. As it turns out, the new version not only has updated parts inside, like a new mainboard and a cooler that is smaller and lighter but also has updated silicon that runs the console. Austin Evans posted earlier this month a full teardown of the third version of the PS5 console.

The design and specs of Oberon Plus are the same as the 7nm version, but the chip is smaller. It is about 260 mm2 instead of 300 mm2. Because of these changes, the console needs less power and a less complicated way to keep it cool.

This also means that AMD and Sony can make more chips with one wafer, which could cut the cost of making the updated console by up to 12%. Future updates will also be made to the Microsoft Xbox Series, which is also based on 7nm AMD SoC.

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