Yum Yum Cookstar Introduced for PS4, Xbox One & Switch

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Planet Entertainment Announces Yum Yum Cookstar for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. A trailer presents the cooking game in moving images.

In Yum Yum Cookstar stir, fry, chop and bake through more than 70 unique recipes in a wild competition hosted by Chef Yum Yum. A unicorn fanatic and culinary artist, Yum Yum introduces colorful and creative dishes to everyone, including delicious vegetarian options.

Their diverse menu includes rainbow waffles, unicorn smoothies, sushi burritos, French toast, and more. Three judges Ambrosia, Basil and Max stand by Yum and judge the cooking skills of the players with funny statements from the pen of American cult comedy specialist National Lampoon.

Multiple game modes, including four levels of difficulty, a daily cooking challenge, and juryorganized invite tournaments with tons of unlockable kitchen and appliance customizations, will keep budding chefs entertained for hours.

Yum Yum Cookstar also includes a crunchy original dance soundtrack produced by the legendary Nile Rodgers, who has written songs for Madonna, David Bowie and Chic.


More than 70 unique recipes
Control by touch, movement or with the controller
Rhythm based mini games
The judges’ funny reactions can be shared on social media!
Customizable kitchen and appliances
4 difficulty levels: Relaxed, Casual, Pro and Cookstar
Invitation Tournaments
Daily cooking challenges

Yum Yum Cookstar will be published on November 11.

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