“Publishers won’t let us make JRPGs anymore”

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Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness is currently a spiritual successor to Wild Arms on Kickstarter in a funding campaign. The calls only about 720,000 euros Double campaign along with Penny Blood away. Of course, that’s not enough for the developers of two such games.

There’s more than that, but Sony probably won’t this time. Even if you enjoy participating in prestigious campaigns like the one for Shenmue 3. gematsu spoke to Lead Game Designer Akifumi Kaneko about Armed Fantasia on the sidelines of the Tokyo Game Show and learned some interesting things.

In the Kickstarter video that launched the campaign, the creators pointed out that JRPGs aren’t as popular as they once were. “Of course there are still very popular JRPGs like Persona 5, but with Persona 5 it’s the fifth part,” Kaneko rightly said.

“If it’s part of a series that already has a first game, that’s fine, but when it comes to making a new JRPG, Japanese publishers just don’t want to take the risk,” Kaneko explains.

Of course, Kaneko knocked on a few doors with his idea. “In my case, I kept reaching out to Sony, but nothing came of it. It’s not so much that JRPGs aren’t popular, it’s that publishers don’t let us make them anymore.”


How to change that? “Money,” Kaneko replies in English and laughs. “Obviously, if a game becomes a hit and sells well, that’s no problem. Sequels of an existing series bring in a lot of money’, says Kaneko.

“So it’s hard for them to spend money on a new title because it doesn’t bring in that much money. For a Japanese publisher developing a new game, it’s really about money. For money! (laughs)”

Artwork: Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wilderness, Wild Bunch Productions

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