Dead Island Classic Feature Returning for Dead Island 2

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In Dead Island 2, a durability system will let players use their gear for a limited amount of time before it breaks. After a long period of what many would call “development hell,” Dead Island 2 was shown again this year with two new trailers. When it was first shown off in 2014, the sequel to 2011’s Dead Island looked like a good game. However, years of radio silence and a rough development cycle followed, with multiple studios joining and leaving the project.

Dead island 2

Dambuster Studios, the company that made Homefront: The Revolution, is working on Dead Island 2, so it looks like the game is almost ready to come out. Even before the official release date was announced at Gamescom 2022, fans already knew when the game was coming out because of a Dead Island 2 leak on Amazon. With the upcoming zombie action game coming out on February 3, 2023, Dambuster has shown more of what fans can expect from the highly anticipated sequel.

It looks like the gameplay of Dead Island 2 will be different from that of the first game, but there will also be a lot that is the same. Dead Island’s crafting and Rage systems will be back, along with the more controversial feature of weapons that last longer. Adam Duckett, the Design Director for Dead Island 2, told VG247 that weapons getting worse over time is an essential part of the game. “We want players to try out all the weapons,” Duckett said.

Only melee weapons will break down over time, so players who want to focus on guns in Dead Island 2 won’t have to worry about their revolvers falling apart. But the problem for those players is that they won’t be able to find enough ammunition to fight the hordes of zombies around them. Adam Olson, who is in charge of art for the game, also talked about the way weapons break down and said that it helps keep Dead Island 2 “grounded in reality.”

Olson and Duckett both say that the way weapons break down gives the game a sense of realism, which makes it possible for other parts to be more over the top. Weapon durability isn’t unique to Dead Island. In a lot of games, gear slowly breaks down over time after being used a lot. In Breath of the Wild, only Master Sword didn’t break over time. Dying Light 2 also had weapons that didn’t break over time, but players could stop worrying about their gear breaking by using a certain item.

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