Amazon Event : Halo Rise, Kindle Scribe, Echo Dot, Astro, and More

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The e-commerce giant’s invite-only press event included Kindle e-readers, Eero routers, and Alexa intelligent assistant updates.


Amazon held its big product event for the year, announcing a torrent of new products from its Kindle, Alexa, and Ring divisions, among others.

Here’s everything the company announced:

Echo smart speakers

Credit: Amazon

Fifth-generation Echo Dot: The company’s popular $50 speakers have better bass and sound. They are coming in October.

Echo Studio: The larger $200 speaker now comes in “Glacier White” and has a better sound. Older models will receive a software update to improve their sound.

Second-generation Echo Auto: The company updates its tech for cars, adding roadside assistance features too.

Halo Rise: A “sleep tracker you don’t have to wear” that sits on your nightstand. It also functions as a sunrise alarm clock.


Credit: Amazon

Kindle Scribe: A surprise new variant for its Kindle e-readers, built so you can write on it. It’ll cost $340 with the pen included.

Eero routers

Credit: Amazon

Eero’s new routers draw power over Ethernet: Coming in October to professional installers and Amazon next year, the latest Eero mesh routers will eliminate the power cord. It’ll cost $300 for a three-piece setup.

Turn an old Echo Dot into Eero: Soon, a free software update will give the spherical, fourth-generation Echo Dot intelligent speakers the ability to act as mesh extenders for Eero’s Wi-Fi routers.

Ring home security

Credit: Amazon

Ring Spotlight cameras: Amazon’s new cameras can map motion in your yard to find out where a package delivery person walked around your home. It can be wired, battery-powered, or solar-powered. Prices start at $200 and $230.

Blink Floodlight camera: The new hardware is cheaper than its Ring cousin, at $100 for a wired floodlight and $30 for a pan-and-tilt mount for the Blink Mini. Preorders begin today and hit the market in “the coming months.”

Fire TV

Credit: Amazon

Fire TV Omni QLED: That’s a long name, but the new 65-inch and 75-inch TVs can turn on automatically to display art, photos, and widgets. They do this using sensor, which also tracks the “ambient” experience like lighting. The 65-inch model will be $800, and the 75-inch model will be $1,100. Available for preorder now.

Fire TV remote you can’t lose: The $35 clicker works with most Amazon-branded video devices and has a backlight. And you can find it just by calling for it.

Fire TV Cube has 4K upscaling: The hybrid Alexa device offers upscaling for your cable box and lets you change channels with your voice.

Amazon also said it wants to measure and reduce the carbon emissions of its Echo, Fire, and Ring devices. The new initiatives offer more-sustainable devices and packaging, which is important considering their historically low prices, encouraging people to replace and upgrade them frequently.


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