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Exclusive rewards should lure you to Kickstarter


Also the Kickstarter campaigns Armed Fantasy and PennyBlood are on the straight of the house. Even before the start of the campaign, the goal never seemed in danger. 720,000 euros for spiritual successors to Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts from the former makers? The wet dream of older JRPG fans.

As a result, a number of stretch goals have been achieved, the double campaign currently stands at 2.03 million euros. Where does the journey go? The last two days show that. Of course, a few things have been considered and announcements made in the past 48 hours.

Recent weeks have seen the release for consoles that fans plan to release, a New Game Plus mode, famed composers Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (SaGa), and card minigames.

First, there are new videos in progress for Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia, which you can check out below. In addition, they announced the CD “Composer’s Dream”. It will be limited to 500 copies and is only available to supporters of the campaign.

The final hours of the campaign will be streamed live on September 30. The stream will start at 3:00 PM German time and will certainly provide new insights, but above all interviews and background information.

An exclusive concert

The “Golden Ticket” concert was also announced. A concert as a thank you to all supporters and therefore only accessible to donors. It will take place on October 1, 2022 at 7 p.m. Japan time. Yoshitaka Hirota, Akari Kaita and a performance by Shoji Meguro (Persona) are promised. Details on how to watch the concert will follow later.

So in the past few hours they came up with all kinds of ideas to convince you of financing. Regardless of the fact that you can get the game and numerous bonuses for various investments. Are you in?

The new videos:

Images: Penny Blood, Yukikaze

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