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Hot Wheels Unleashed Game of the Year Edition Released

Hot Wheels Unleashed - Game of the Year Edition Released

Mattel and Milestone released the “Game of the Year” edition of Hot Wheels Unleashed issued. In addition to the main game, this offers the following content:

  • Batman Expansion: the legendary Batcave for racing and track building; 5 vehicles (The Joker™ GT, The Penguin, Batman™ Rebirth, Robin™ 2.0T, Armored Batman™); 1 Batman™ themed customization pack; 1 Track Builder fork module (Joker Funhouse Split)
  • 10 vehicles: Bone Shaker™ Unleashed Edition, Street Fighter M. Bison, Superman™, Aston Martin DB5 1963, Street Fighter Blanka, Wonder Woman™, AcceleRacers Deora™ II, TMNT Leonardo, AcceleRacers Bassline™ and Barbie™ Dream Camper™
  • 3 themed customization packs: Tropical Wave, Pink Fashion and Holiday Season
  • 3 Track Builder modules: Rolling Boulders, Spinning Tire and Dinopult
  • Monster Trucks Expansion: 1 Environment, 5 Vehicles, 1 Customization Pack and 1 Track Builder Module
  • 9 vehicles: TMNT Michelangelo, AcceleRacers Power Rage™, Street Fighter ChunLi, Street Fighter Vega, Corvette Stingray Convertible 2014, McLaren Senna, Street Fighter Ryu, TMNT Raphael and AcceleRacers Hollowback™
  • Customization Packs with 3 themes: Outer Space, Skaters and Haunted
  • 3 Track Building Modules: Booster Slam, Gorilla Garage, and Shark Jaws
  • Looney Tunes Expansion: 1 Environment, 5 Vehicles, 1 Modification Pack and 1 Track Builder Module
  • 9 vehicles: TMNT Donatello, HeMan™, The Mystery Machine™, TMNT Shredder, Skeletor™, Swamp Thing™, The Jetsons™, Classic Packard and McLaren 720S
  • 3 themed customization packs: Cyberpunk, Retro Game and Hot Rod
  • 3 Track Builder modules: Jumping Towers, Zero Gravity Checkpoint and Super Dealership
  • Track Manga™ the roadster version of Mad Manga™ inspired by Japanese comics shines with large spoilers for crazy drifts and a dual exhaust that lets you hear the full power of the car.
  • GTScorcher™ One of the most popular retro design cars, it features a huge hull and large rear spoiler for stability and traction.
  • Shark Bite™ a motorized shark with an insatiable thirst for victory and ready to devour anyone in its path. Opponents will think they are in dangerous waters! Nothing can stop this merciless energy, everyone is at a disadvantage.
  • Tomb Up™ From the king of the sea to the king of the desert, The Tomb Up™ is ready to curse any opponent a wild affair! The ancient power of this mummy will lead to pharaonic victories.
  • HW Armored Truck Is there a soft core under the armored surface? Hardly likely! This armored car shows no mercy and will withstand any attack to ensure victory!
  • Baja Bone Shaker™ a heavily modified version of the Bone Shaker™ for when the normal route isn’t enough. Anyone who thinks they can damage this massive offroad truck is wrong! With its huge wheels, it’s a tough nut to crack against any opponent.

Hot Wheels Unleashed allows players to drive the cars as if they were playing with the diecast toy cars. The gameplay includes adrenalinepumping races, a vast selection of Hot Wheels® vehicles with different attributes and rarities that players can customize with different skins, and breathtaking tracks in everyday locations with special track pieces and interactive items. The game also includes a revolutionary track editor that allows players to customize tracks in any game environment and share them with the gaming community.

the Hot Wheels Unleashed Game of the Year Edition is now available digitally for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. With the GOTY Upgrade Pack, players who already Hot Wheels Unleashed own, simply unlock all the contents of the “Game of the Year” edition.

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