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iron harvest now gets even more free extra content. The new Battlefield map Peninsula released today completes the World Map Campaign mode, which has been available to PC players since June.

To celebrate the game’s anniversary, the full World Map Campaign mode is also available for free to all Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 players.

Along with two new multiplayer maps Launch Facility and Forgotten Fortress , new game scenarios, an overhauled main menu, and a host of adjustments and balance improvements, it delivers two years of competitions with over a million registered players across all platforms. iron harvest its position as the largest RTS for consoles on the market.

To celebrate the console release of the World Map Campaign mode and to thank players for their continued support a new trailer is released today. This stunning movie trailer was created by Fan ZHEESHEE, a team of creative and highly talented artists who love video games and storytelling.

New scenarios

Peninsula the new battlefield consists of a huge continent with many interlocking areas. A large lake in the center separates the three warring factions, each fighting for supremacy over the entire map.

There will also be four other new launch scenarios:

  • Storm on the Horizon A small nation sits isolated in the corner of the continent. The neighboring regions are rich in wealth, but the large neighbors are also interested in the same unoccupied land.
  • Borderlands Despite large corporations, the faction’s regions are relatively resourcepoor. With only one army, it becomes a challenge to defend the many borders.
  • Unwanted Neighbors The situation between two warring superpowers makes any battle difficult, and gaining more resources requires courage and skill.
  • Custom Here a custom campaign can be created and chosen, where each faction starts, how strong their army is and how big their dominion should be.

console gamer

Console players will receive this map as part of the World Map Campaign mode, which is released today for free on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 platforms.

Players now have access to an exciting new way to experience the rich world of 1920+ alternate history. Nations in conflict fight to protect their brand new capitals and for stable control over the territories and starting scenarios, bringing challenging single player missions into play iron harvest.

The balanced mix of turnbased and realtime strategy is already very popular with PC players thanks to the high replay value of over 40 new missions.

In total, the addon contains three campaign maps: Divided Continents, Archipelago and Peninsula. 12 launch scenarios ranging from the classic destruction of enemy headquarters to a capturetheflag scenario and an advanced AI that adapts to the objective will keep players on their toes.

Console players will also get access to the new 3v3 multiplayer/skirmish map, Forgotten Fortress, which takes players to the perilous desert of Arabia, and the new 2v2 multiplayer/skirmish map, Launch Facility, which provides players with a hidden weapon test base in the freezing cold. Discover the tundra of Northern Alaska.

iron harvest is available for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

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