Fortnitemares returns October 18 to celebrate the spooky season

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The scary season is here, and as usual for Fortnite, a new Halloween Fortnitemares event has been announced. According to a recent post on the official Fortnite Twitter account, the event will start on October 18 and will probably go on for a few weeks after October 31, when it reaches its peak. The short video with the announcement shows a creature that looks like a colorful wolf. This could hint at one of the skins that will be released during the event. Also, some of the skins for this event have already been shown to us thanks to a fan competition that took place earlier in the year.


Last year’s Fortnitemares event was entitled Wrath of the Cube Queen, which featured the Queen mentioned above of the Cubes ushering in drastic changes to the island. Players should look forward to many significant changes occurring throughout the map as the event draws closer. Her emergence also brought a more vigorous class of Cube Monsters called the Caretakers and a new Sideways melee weapon called the Sideways Scythe. Though no statements have been made regarding this year’s event content, we can expect more of the same themed weapons and monsters to make their way into this year’s spooky affair.

There are also rumors that the next Fortnitemares update will add a new Halloween boss with the codename “Freaky.” A Fortnite insider named HYPEX said in a tweet that “Freaky” is an entity that will be able to call creatures. When it dies, it will drop an as-yet-unknown Mythic weapon as well as more ammunition, consumables, and utility items. The same insider also said that during the Halloween event, a new type of ammo called “Phantom Ammo” might be added.

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