Ubisoft and Bungie are Scrambling to Remove Players’ Games and Characters From a Capsizing Google Stadia

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It wasn’t just a shock to the players when Google Stadia’s closure was announced for early 2019. Additionally, it had not been disclosed to many indie developers, some of whom were just days away from releasing a game on Stadia, long-standing Stadia partners, major game developers like Ubisoft and Bungie, and others. In reality, no one knew anything at all because Google didn’t even inform their own Stadia team until the day it was announced.

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Many different issues have arisen due to having zero notice of this. In the case of Ubisoft, the company has intentionally brought a sizable number of its games to Stadia. And even though Google is giving players their money back for Stadia game purchases before the shutdown, Ubisoft does not want to lose all of those current players at once.

For players to continue playing and maintaining ownership of the game even after Stadia closes, Ubisoft has stated that it will find a way to convert the Stadia licenses into getting them a PC copy of the game instead:

However, there is currently no set procedure or plan because Ubisoft must make all these decisions quickly and without adequate lead time before the announcement.

Bungie is experiencing something somewhat similar, which is a complicated situation given that both companies heavily supported Stadia at launch, with Destiny 2 serving as the service’s “flagship game,” and that they also use Stadia internally to test the game as a result of the studio’s dramatic increase in home development.

But in the case of the game’s existence on Stadia, concerns are raised about what would happen if, for example, you were a Stadia-only player and your Guardian only existed there. Even though Destiny has crossplay, if you haven’t turned it on, likely, you won’t be able to switch to a new platform after the shutdown and keep using your character. Therefore, Bungie will need to take some action to gather all Guardians focused on Stadia and ensure they aren’t overlooked. On Stadia, Destiny 2 is still being played every day by 5,000 players. A small portion of the player base is still a part Bungie doesn’t want to lose track of.

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Almost immediately after Stadia’s shutdown announcement, Bungie published a blog post saying, “We just learned about Stadia shutting down and have begun conversations about next steps for our players.” “Once we have a strategy in place, we will announce and send out information regarding Destiny 2 Stadia accounts.”

They are once more unable to announce concrete next steps because they haven’t even thought of them. Even if you think you’re being proactive by refunding call customers for all of their purchases, it turns out that shutting down an entire gaming ecosystem produces some issues. This has been a complete mess from the developer’s perspective. Still, hopefully, things can be fixed by the shutdown in January.

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