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Twitter introduces the feature to edit tweets for users of its paid version

After a beta phase, the “Edit” tweet button is now available to some users of the paid version of Twitter in select countries, the platform announced Tuesday.

The San Francisco-based group indicated that users of Twitter Blue, a paid service that can be subscribed to for five dollars a month, in Australia, Canada and New Zealand are now able to correct their tweets for up to five times per tweet, within minutes thirty years after its publication. Twitter explained that the beta phase, launched early last month, “was successful”, noting that it will “soon” expand the scope of this feature to the United States.

In early September, the network indicated on its website that this new feature “should be seen as a short time to correct spelling errors, add references (for other users) and other things.”

Users will see a small pen-shaped mark indicating that the tweet has been edited and will be able to preview previous versions. Elon Musk, who is currently in a legal battle with Twitter over the acquisition of him, has repeatedly expressed his support for the request of many users of the platform to create this functionality. Twitter explained that users of “Twitter Blue”, available exclusively in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, “take advantage of the features before others and help us try them.” This new feature aims to make using Twitter “easier and less stressful,” according to the US network.

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