The life simulation RPG introduces the summer city of Shatolla

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While we’ve suddenly landed in the fall, Square Enix remains in the life simulation RPG Harvestella live the summer. The last blog post is about it around the coastal town of Shatolla, which stands for summer. With Nemea we already got acquainted with spring and with Lethe the autumn.

In the summer town of Shatolla, people make a living from fishing. In the evening people meet in the tavern to drink and sing. However, a change in the Summer Crystal causes strange bubbles and a rumor about a sea witch named Lorelei spreads.

You meet the singer Emo, who performs in the tavern and wants to join the crystal for a reason. In addition, the eccentric inventor Heine has set up his tents in Shatolla. Summer crops include Shatolla Peppers and Bell Hops, which can be used to make delicious dishes.

By the way, you can make beds in different biomes. In addition to your own garden, there is the wet coastal biome and the dry cave biome. Your farm can also be expanded. You can expand the field, set up animal shelters or set up a kitchen.

The fifth season is not a carnival

Special twist: the last season, winter, is followed by the time of death. quiet. The harvest withers, life is in danger. This is where the story begins, of course. Agriculture, fishing and ranching all need to be in tune with the seasons, especially with the deadly Silentium drought.

Harvestella is scheduled to release on November 4, 2022 for Nintendo Switch. Additionally, Square Enix has also announced Harvestella for PC Steam. There is a commercial version for Nintendo Switch, which you also at Amazon*can also be pre-ordered. A demo is already available.

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