Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Most Powerful Characters

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The characters’ abilities have grown along with the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What began with Tony Stark in a super mechanical suit has gradually but undeniably changed into a universe full of creatures who are essentially and occasionally literally gods. Even so, there are some characters who stand out among the rest in the MCU canon.


These are the superhuman beings that you would never want to engage in combat with. There are some of our heroes on this list, but there are also some villains and a lot of creatures that don’t fit neatly into either category. But regardless of their motivations, they are, without a doubt, powerful.

    1. Arishem


      Arishem the Judge, one of the Celestials, is a powerful being whose true potential is only dimly understood by humans. Arishem is so strong that he gave birth to the Eternals, a race of beings who are also extraordinarily strong in and of themselves. Arishem is likely the most powerful character we have encountered in the MCU so far, despite the fact that his intentions aren’t always in the best interests of planet Earth.

    2. Dormammu


      Doctor Strange can only partially use time travel to halt Dormammu’s arrival; without the Time Stone, he would be unable to do so. The Dark Dimension’s ruler, Dormammu, is an interdimensional being, making him one of the most potent characters to ever appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It stands to reason that he would eventually engage the heroes in battle because he is constantly seeking innovative ways to increase his sphere of influence.

    3. He Who Remains


      He Who Remains, also known as Kang, hasn’t been fully revealed to us, but from what we have seen, it is obvious that he is a force that the Avengers have never had to worry about. Kang is the kind of cunning adversary who can manipulate time and space to maintain his all-powerfulness, despite the fact that he doesn’t have a particularly potent punch.

      Since he was in charge of maintaining the timelines, everything from Loki’s invasion to Thanos’s demise was predicted by him, and he only perished as a result of allowing Sophie to kill him.

    4. Eternity


      Due to his divine status, Thor frequently faces the most existential enemies in his films. Thor: Love and Thunder give him a glimpse of Eternity, a force so potent that it can fulfill any wish, no matter what it may be.

      The good news is that Eternity is so all-powerful that it doesn’t seem to have much time to worry about the affairs of the mortals who might occasionally appear and ask for their deepest desires.

    5. Scarlet Witch


      Wanda was destined to be the most dominant person in the group. However, it wasn’t until WandaVision, where she was formally introduced as the Scarlet Witch (of prophecy, apparently), that her plot began to pay off, and her abilities started to devolve in a profoundly evil way. The HYDRA Mind Stone experiments she volunteered for turned out to only work to awaken (and enhance?) the abilities she already had inside of her, probably inherited from her bloodline.

      In essence, Wanda is capable of anything she can imagine. You can’t win with that hand. She has the ability to read minds, manipulate minds, move objects, crush objects, and—most importantly—create things. Reality itself is under Wanda’s control. The most crucial ability to concentrate on here is how she can change. As a fighter on the field, she can dispatch you with aggressive magic, just as she would have done to Thanos in Endgame if he hadn’t weaseled his way out. Freaking. Everything. We’ll see if Wanda has become an even more unstoppable, limitless force as we move further into Phase 4 and beyond after she conquers the Darkhold.  Because let’s face it, there’s no way she could have died after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

    6. Thanos (With Stones)


      Before taking the focus, Thanos had been teased for more than five years, but when he finally did, his appearance was anything but disappointing. By that time, he already possessed a few Infinity stones, but it was obvious that stone or no stone, he was powerful.

      He nearly defeated Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man when they faced him together before the entire MCU stepped in to save them. When he has the stones, Thanos strikes our hero with the most devastating blow we have yet seen him suffer.

    7. Captain Marvel


      Captain Marvel is so powerful that she can essentially change the dynamic of any fight she’s a part of. When she shows up at the end of Endgame, her arrival single-handedly turns the tide.

      It’s possible that she won’t face Thanos for a while, but it’s also obvious that she isn’t as affected by his power as the majority of the Avengers are. She is undoubtedly one of the MCU’s more potent heroes, though it is unclear how they will use her in the future.

    8. Thor


      The fact that Thor was by far the most powerful member of the original core Avengers can be hidden by the fact that he seems like a fun guy to hang out with. For starters, he can fly thanks to his hammer, and on top of that, he has lightning-like powers.

      He has dropped in the rankings as the MCU has grown, but only because we keep finding more and more formidable heroes and antagonists. Thor continues to be among the strongest characters, so the bad guys he battles also need to be pretty strong.

    9. Doctor Strange


      Even though he is only a wizard, Doctor Strange is a damn good one. He demonstrated that he had the magic required to aid America in escaping Wanda even after losing the time stone and the Sorcerer Supreme title.

      While he was unable to defeat Thanos, he was one of the few heroes who had a chance against him in a one-on-one conflict. He also faced off against him. The Avengers would not have been able to defeat the Mad Titan and save everyone from the Snap without Strange’s insight, who is also very intelligent.

    10. Iron Man


      Iron Man has been a continuously evolving Avenger thanks to Tony Stark’s mind-blowing genius, developing from welded and soldered-together parts to virtually invisible nanotechnology that can envelop Tony’s body in seconds.

      In the heat of battle, Iron Man always appears to have an aggressive response to every challenging question because he always has a thousand tricks up his sleeve. Tony has certainly made his share of mistakes while attempting to defend the world from alien invaders and the like, and when it comes down to it, he’s just a mortal man in a can, but his brain has essentially been the MCU’s MVP since the series’ inception.

      However, this man actually mastered time travel in a matter of hours, at random. Tony’s intellect is so far above average that he can reason his way out of almost anything. Others may have the strength to knock down buildings or blast their bodies through spaceships.

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