Five Reasons Why The iPhone 14 Plus is the Best New iPhone

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Get the largest iPhone 14 display without spending the most money on an iPhone 14



The new iPhone 14 Plus is a huge deal; I don’t just mean it metaphorically. It offers the same enormous display size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max at a far lower price. In my opinion, it may very well be the best iPhone in the iPhone 14 range for many iPhone buyers.

That could be a little hypocritical, given that I recently purchased an iPhone 14 Pro. But because we’re hopeless early adopters and spend excessive money to ensure we get the newest thing, even if we don’t need it, the phones tech journalists buy aren’t always the greatest ones for everyone. And the iPhone 14 Plus is a nice phone. This is why.

Huge Screens Are Superb

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The iPhone 14 Plus is the same size as the Pro Max, which means more of everything from social media feeds to movie scenes. I chose the Pro since I couldn’t afford the Pro Max, but I wish I had the larger display. You get to view some content instead of just a wall of advertisements on websites where unneeded adverts and page furniture occupy half the page. It’s excellent for seeing your images as well. About that…

It is Hardly Obsolete For The Processor


No, the A-series CPU for the Plus is not the newest model. However, it is not required. It shares the same chipset as my recently sold iPhone 13 Pro, and I didn’t once complain about how slow it was. The iPhone 14 Pro is faster if you want to perform demanding tasks like playing highly demanding games or rendering videos. If not, though, the Plus is still quite capable.

It Has a Great Battery Life


Apple claims that the iPhone 14 Plus can play videos continuously for 26 hours. More than the iPhone 14 by six hours. Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it offers five hours more music playback. According to several reviews, the Plus offers greater endurance than the Pro Max in actual use.

The Camera Still Works Excellently


Although the Pro and Pro Max now have 48MP sensors, most users won’t be shooting in that resolution, especially if they buy the lowest storage option, as I did, which is inadequate for continuous ProRAW photography. In other words, the iPhone Pro and Pro Max continue to take 12MP photos. Although there isn’t much difference, and for most people, the additional £200 isn’t worth it, they are speedier in portrait mode and better in low light.

It is Less Than a Brick in Weight


The iPhone 14 Plus weighs 37 grams less than the Pro Max, which is a substantial difference. That’s 15% less weight to lug around, 15% less strain on your pants’ back pockets, and 15% less weight for those of us with smaller hands or hands that have been harmed from years of using computers and phones too much. Additionally, it is a little bit lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro.

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