In 2024, All Apple AirPods and Mac Accessories also Might Support USB-C

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According to reports, the iPhone 15 will also switch to the charging standard.


Over the coming years, Apple will more broadly adopt USB-C across its product line, predicts Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. According to Gurman’s most recent Power On newsletter, the company will switch all of its wireless earbuds, including the recently updated AirPods Pro, to the charging standard by 2024. As early as next year, Apple might also update peripherals like the Magic Mouse with USB-C and, one would hope, a more user-friendly design. 

How to Find AirPods When Offline? You can find your AirPods offline using the “Find My” feature on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This feature requires “Find My” on your device and AirPods. Open the “Find My” app and choose your AirPods. The app displays the last known location of your AirPods and lets you play a sound on the left or right AirPod to find them. If your AirPods aren’t nearby, you can lock them and display a contact number in Lost Mode.

The rumored change would bring the majority of Apple’s products into compliance with the upcoming USB-C mandate from the European Union. The European Parliament made the port the accepted charging protocol throughout the Union earlier this week. When the law is enacted, all upcoming smartphones, tablets, and headphones will have to support USB-C charging by the end of 2024. In the spring of 2026, laptops will also be subject to the mandate.

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According to Gurman’s report from May, Apple had started testing USB-C iPhones before the EU adopted the proposed regulations. If the business went ahead with the change, he cautioned, “it wouldn’t occur until 2023 at the earliest.” He now claims that USB-C support for the iPhone 15 line “is essentially a lock” for next fall.

Apple may not stick with USB-C for long, though. Gurman anticipates that the company will “at some point in the next few years” switch the iPhone and iPad “entirely” to inductive charging. He points out that because the EU’s legislation does not cover wireless charging, the company may view the technology as a way to circumvent it.


Of course, assuming you’ve been keeping up with the Apple rumor mill for a while. In that case, you’ll be aware that the company has reportedly been considering a portless iPhone since it did away with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 in 2016. However, Qi charging has caused Apple some issues, most notably the widely publicized cancellation of AirPower in 2019.

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