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The makers of Final Fantasy XVI gave a series of interviews following the release of the latest trailer, which is now available. In the interview with the American website IGN, it was again about the age rating and content for adults.

IGN pointed out to the creators that Final Fantasy XVI would likely receive the main series’ first “Mature” rating in many regions of the world. The question was why the decision was made to make the game “darker and more violent” and what that means for the series.

“In the early stages of development, we decided we weren’t going to tell a story for young people. Some of the most important considerations were the age range of the players, who we expect to be our main audience, as well as having more ways to represent things in more senses of the word,” explains director Hiroshi Takai.

“They say it’s a more ‘violent’ direction — but the whole point is that we didn’t just want to make things more extreme, we wanted to make them more realistic and natural,” Takai says. In the world of Final Fantasy XVI, there is an endless war between the nations, so you should have included fight scenes.

“And if a character doesn’t have blood spatter after slashing someone with a sword, it looks unnatural with modern graphics capabilities – creating an even greater sense of dissonance,” suggests Hiroshi Takai. “I’m sure the show will continue to struggle with this issue of realistic and natural portrayal of things.”

Not only realism is a problem for Final Fantasy XVI. In previous interviews, Naoki Yoshida has not shied away from comparisons with the real world and politics. Mother crystals are like oil fields and the espers have a power comparable to the level of atomic bombs in the real world.

Final Fantasy XVI is in development for PlayStation 5 and is currently slated for a summer 2023 release. Visit our article archive for more details. There you’ll learn how political Final Fantasy XVI is, why it doesn’t offer an open world, and why you should do it without a command-based combat system.

Artwork: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix

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