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Electronic Arts comes out today It takes two Winner of over 90 awards, including Game of the Year from The Game Awards and DICE Awards for Nintendo Switch. It takes two was originally developed by BAFTAwinning Hazelight Studios and released under the EA Originals label. The new release of the game title gives even more players the chance to experience the fun and chaotic gameplay challenges and fantastic story of the acclaimed coop experience. In addition, the Nintendo Switch version includes new voiceovers in German, Japanese, French and Spanish for the first time, as well as subtitles in several languages. The official launch trailer can also be seen.

It takes two was a passionate project that Hazelight has perfected over the years, and our team is proud of the growth of our vibrant community over the past year. With the Nintendo Switch version, we can welcome new players to the magical world of the game,” said Josef Fares, founder and game director at Hazelight Studios. “Turn Me Up Games has done an amazing job bringing you the immersive world of It takes two transfer to Nintendo Switch.”

“As fans of It takes two and Hazelight, we’ve done everything we can to bring this popular, awardwinning game title and its adventure appeal to Nintendo Switch,” said Scott Cromie, executive producer at Turn Me Up Games. “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Hazelight team and are looking forward to letting players enjoy the incredibly fun coop mode of It takes two can also experience on the road.”

Players can enter It takes two Immerse yourself in both via couch coop with a second set of JoyCons, a second gamepad, or by hooking up two Switch consoles for local play, as well as online coop. With the Friends Pass, game owners invite a friend to join the game for free to take on everchanging challenges that can only be solved together.

In the critically acclaimed game title, gamers follow in the footsteps of two people, Cody and May, who have magically turned into puppets, as they face whimsical challenges around every corner. The unpredictable nature of each level takes players through a unique metaphorical gameplay experience that tells a universal story of relationships as Cody and May must work together to save their broken marriage that is on the brink of divorce.

It takes two is now available for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Origin, EA App and Steam).

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