The 16-bit RPG from Germany gets a date and commercial version

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Above Chained echoes, the 16-bit “Mechas and Airships” RPG, which we’ve covered since its launch on Kickstarter. Most recently, there was a new trailer for the project from Matthias Linda and indie publisher Deck13 in April.

Today the 16-bit RPG is back with a concrete release date and a new trailer. The release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs is set for December 8. So good news!

A commercial version was also presented. But collectors have to decide: play in December or wait for the haptic version? she wants First Press Games namely only in the summer of 2023 for PlayStation 4, PCs and Nintendo Switch.

Follow a group of heroes as they travel across a continent full of interesting characters, fantastic landscapes and terrifying monsters. Can you bring peace back to Valandis, a land scarred by generations of war and betrayal that lurk around every corner?

Chained Echoes focuses on a “good story” that should keep you hooked for 40 to 50 hours at the end. There are turn-based battles, but no random battles. All enemies are visible in advance. You can design your airship according to your ideas!

The new trailer:

Artwork: Chained Echoes, Deck13, Matthew Linda

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