Game Trailers: Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Free Stage Access and New Content Revealed

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Electronic Arts and DICE announce in a video update on the development of Battlefield 2042 offers a series of free entry stages where players of all platforms can try the game title for a short time. In addition to this news, the development team is unveiling new content for players to expect over the next two seasons and beyond, including updated maps, more archival weapons, and the reintroduction of specialist class identities.

Season 3 is about to be revealed and will feature a new Specialist, a new map dear to DICE, a new Battle Pass, additional content for Portal, as well as new hardware, events, experiences and more. In addition, the development team is already preproduction on content for Season 4, which kicks off next year. More information will follow soon.

Free Entry Stages

As part of the free entry phases, players will receive this Battlefield 2042 Welcome Pack with a collection of new cosmetic items and direct access to Specialists Liz and Crawford from Seasons 1 and 2. Allows you to choose between a total of 13 Specialists and 15 maps including four remastered maps from the original version of Battlefield 2042 plus six unique game modes, over 100 weapons and gadgets, and over 40 powerful vehicles to choose from.

During the Free Access periods, players can unlock Standard Battle Pass content levels and purchase the Premium Battle Pass to access additional levels. All players who signed up to buy Battlefield 2042 decide can take over their purchases and progress.

The times of the free entry phases at a glance

  • Xbox: December 1, 9:01 AM to December 5, 8:59 AM
  • Steam: December 1st 7pm to December 5th 7pm
  • PlayStation: December 16 5pm to December 23 5pm

Upcoming updates for Battlefield 2042

Today’s development video update provides a look at the content for the next two seasons of Battlefield 2042, as well as the Specialist revision for Season 3. The development team assigned each Specialist to one of four classes and adjusted the gear available for each class . Any further information on the revision of Battlefield 2042 give it to him blog post read.

The update also showcases the wealth of new content coming in the coming seasons, including flyover videos from the Manifest and Upheaval map updates. The development team is also showing off some of the new archive weapons players can get in Season 3.

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