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Valkyrie Elysium is now available on Steam and there is new free content


Square Enix and developer Soleil release today Valkyrie Elysium on Steam. The PlayStation version has been available since the end of September and we have also tested it.

Since a few days there is also a free update for the game, which offers new modes. This makes Hilde playable and there is a very difficult time attack mode. There you have to fight with a limited arsenal. There are also two harder difficulty levels for the entire game if you’re looking for a challenge.

This is Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysium is said to bring the old Valkyrie series “into the modern age”. An atmospheric world inspired by Norse mythology is promised, as well as fast-paced combat and a dazzling audiovisual presentation.

You assume the role of a Valkyrie to whom the fate of this world has been entrusted by the Allfather, the supreme god and ruler of creation. As you descend to Earth, you must face powerful enemies and unravel the mysteries behind the impending corruption.

The combat system should be dynamic and merge features from the previous series, including finishing moves and combos. Quick responses should be rewarded. You can also recruit einheriers, warriors, to fight alongside you.

A PlayStation demo gives insight into the first chapter, you can transfer the progress to the game. Also included in the Digital Deluxe Edition for PlayStation is the classic Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. However, this has been postponed to December 22.

The free update in the trailer

Artwork: Valkyrie Elysium, Square EnixSoleil

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