Neverwinter Patch Notes 11.03 Update Today on November 19, 2022

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A new update has been released for Neverwinter Update 11.03. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Neverwinter Update 11.03 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Release Notes


Content and Environment

Northdark Reaches

  • Bruenor’s throne room now has a unique loading screen.
  • Favor of the Fungi: Players are no longer able to repeatedly interact with the same Captured Myconid for quest credit.
  • Free from the Web: Players should now properly be able to interact with jail cells while on both the quests Free from the Web and Setting Captives Free.
  • The Doors of Neirt Elamshin: A particular NPC no longer reappears after they have been moved from their location.
  • The Doors of Nerit Elamshin: The quest now properly, consistently updates. If it still appears that progress is blocked, please try interacting with the target NPC and continuing through dialogs.


  • A spiral staircase used throughout the game is no longer incorrectly offset, and as a result no longer blocks progress.
  • The overworld map entry for Mantol-Derith now shows a clearer description of how to unlock travel to the zone.
  • The portal room in the Redeemed Citadel is once again consistently open.

Future Events

  • Harvester of Nightmares: Sleepers now stay sleeping during their cutscene.


Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance: Bard

  • AoE heals and buffs (mostly songs) should now affect pets and other allied NPCs, but with a lower priority than PCs. In other words, friendly players will be healed/buffed first, but other friendly NPCs will also be healed/buffed if the bard is still below the target cap of 15. Affected powers:
    • Class Feature: Vamos Alla!
    • Daily: Curtain Call
    • Song: Aurora Fantasia
    • Song: Blaze Flamenco
    • Song: Rejuvenating/Reinvigorating Carol
    • Song: Reprised Carols
    • Song: Sheltering Etude
    • Song: Steel March
    • Song: Tailwind Mambo
    • Song: Warding Carol
  • Rejuvenating Carol and Aurora Fantasia now can proc effects from the Vistani set and Moonlight’s Blessing from Eilistraee’s Benediction.
  • Steel March should no longer cost additional performance after being activated.

Legacy Boons

  • Recently, some characters who logged in for the first time since the release of Undermountain in 2019 incorrectly retained certain boon powers that should have been removed. These characters will no longer have those boons when logging in.
    • Upon login and switching to affected loadouts, affected characters will see an error message that states, “Your powers, feats, boons, and ability scores have been reset.” However, these characters should still retain their selected abilities scores, powers, and existing feats. Players will not have to reselect them or fix alternate loadouts.


Enemies and Encounters

Crown of Keldegonn

  • Palhavorithyn no longer repeatedly flies away when on the brink of death in the final phase.
  • Palhavorithyn now consistently returns after flying away.

Rise of Tiamat

  • The final phase can no longer be skipped under certain circumstances.


Items and Economy


  • Resonance can once again properly be converted to Crystallized Resonance in Undermountain Expeditions.


  • Dragonbone Belt is no longer misspelled as “Dragobone Belt.”
  • Guiding Warrior’s Assault Trousers now grants Awareness and Critical Strike instead of Awareness and Deflect.
  • Guiding Warrior’s Raid Trousers now grants an equal amount of Defense and Combat Advantage instead of a different ratio with Defense and Critical Avoidance.
  • Myconid Lockbox: The mount package now properly states that the mount is an account unlock.
  • “Northdark Helm” is now called “Helm of the Hollow”.
  • “Northdark Plate” is now called “Plate of the Hollow”.
  • “Northdark Sabatons” is now called “Sabatons of the Hollow”.
    • The description of the above items have also been updated to allude to the fact that they hide your character’s physical appearance.
  • Spider Key can now only be purchased once per day.

Item Powers

  • Northdark Navigator: This power no longer incorrectly states that it grants a Movement Speed bonus while characters are in the Underdark. It now properly states that the buff is applied in the Northdark Reaches only. This is a tooltip change; the power already functioned this way.


  • Bosses from the Temple of the Spider (Master) should no longer erroneously drop extra Cabochon Gems or Brilliant Cabochon Gems when defeated.
  • Named Monsters from the Northdark Reaches should no longer erroneously drop extra Northdark Fungal Spore when defeated while partied.


User Interface


  • Calendar: The in-game calendar has been populated from December 1st, 2022, through January 12th, 2023. Please note that the in-game calendar will still only show events up to six weeks from the current date.
  • Companions: Companion power icons now properly match the powers after adjusting or sorting the view.
  • Login: The camera no longer clips into geometry in the login and character select screens.
  • Powers: The game no longer sometimes tells you that your powers have been reset when, in fact, your powers have not been reset.
  • Special boss mechanic bar art now appears correctly in Vault of Stars and Temple of the Spider for Xbox and PlayStation® systems. (These already appeared on the PC client.)
  • The Rothé Valley Battle Pass now properly displays on the Home Page.


  • Player-defined bag names are now properly shown in various item picker windows.


  • Player loadouts that had both Forger’s Box and Chain of Scales should once again function. We’re still working on a fix for characters who had more than one Battle Horn equipped.


  • Certain rewards no longer use incorrectly-framed or sized art.

Mini-Contact Dialogs

  • Queued mini-contacts now clear after moving between maps, and should no longer occasionally have an extremely extended wait between one mini-contact dialog and the next.
    • (A mini-contact is the element that appears when an NPC talks to you, showing a portrait and text while playing audio, without interrupting gameplay.)


Visual Effects and Lighting


  • The mount power, Explosive Equalizer, should now look better in zones that use the updated lighting model.
  • The Siegebreaker Banner artifact no longer shows a square icon, and now displays properly in zones that use the updated lighting model.
  • The Nightmare mount’s fiery trail now looks better in zones that use the updated lighting model.

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