Pokemon Crimson and Crimson, I feel screwed

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Honestly, after the reviews about 12 hours before launch, I was really shocked. Many reviews specifically praised the open world and new game mechanics, one even wrote that Pokémon Crimson and Crimson could have become every Pokémon fan’s dream.

Would have. Shall. Be able to. Because almost every review was literally overshadowed by the technical flaws that Game Freak and The Pokémon Company offer with crimson and purple. Because Media Markt delivered on time, I could see it with my own eyes the same evening.

First of all: Pokémon Crimson and Crimson offers lots of fun ideas, successful new mechanics and an open game world that you will definitely want to explore (thanks to Pokémon). I am very pleased with how the best of Arceus has been taken and refined. I’ve been having fun with Pokemon Crimson and Crimson so far. The more annoying are the technical problems.

Because the first steps in Paldea made it clear that any criticism was justified. The frame rate is so unstable that even gamers who have never heard of “fps” or otherwise don’t attach great importance to it should take notice. Shadows behave strangely with absolute fidelity. Are there, aren’t there, flickering and flickering.

The camera cuts into small hills when battling Pokémon, revealing that beyond Paldea’s facade (as expected) lurks the great void. Any immersion, no matter how small, is lost. At the latest when NPCs in the first major city move a little farther away in slow-motion robot movements. Those are just the common mistakes. who in the Twitter trends looks, sees hair-raising creatures.

I must also admit that after the reviews I am even more aware of errors, I am downright looking for errors. But that’s not my fault. Those responsible had it in their own hands and could have made troubleshooting more difficult for me. And sorry if I put it like that because I have absolutely no idea about game development. But it doesn’t seem like it was impossible.

Not a hardware problem

Because it is clearly not a hardware issue. The Switch is in its seventh year and performance has been an issue for six years. But a game like Pokémon Crimson and Crimson might be doing the old thing. That is proven by plenty of other games and excellent ports. Actually, I’m not a fan of such superficial comparisons, but hey, check out Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What irritates me the most is that I feel like I’m being taken for a fool. One of the most valuable video game brands in the world presents me with a world that is really as detailed as possible and actually Switch sufficiently undemanding.

That doesn’t even bother me. Pokémon now has to do a balancing act and wants to remain accessible to the smallest (new) fans. The generation problem of the brand, I once wrote about it. But that you can’t do it well and smoothly? Why not?

Other games have been penalized much more severely for such an occurrence. Okay, some of them did it even worse and wanted to hide it from us. But an embargo 12 hours before publication is not bursting with confidence.

But then what’s the point?

So what is this? Is that a mixture of complacency, inability and the belief that the target audience won’t mind? Why not use the millions and millions that the Pokémon franchise brings in for improvements? The main thing is that the games hit the shelves before Christmas!

I feel fooled, actually screwed. Because it is clear that there is a better way. Because it can’t be the money. And because at Game Freak and The Pokémon Company you know what fans have been criticizing for years. I just wanted to catch some new Pokemon.

Now I have to be told I’m throwing the money at Game Freak and it’s my own fault. And I get a bad conscience because I really enjoy crimson and purple and I go right back to playing. An uncool feeling that I don’t want to have with Pokémon.

You could have made sure it wasn’t. Game Freak, The Pokémon Company, Nintendo – I don’t really care who’s responsible. As always, I feel sorry for those who can’t help it. Developers who brought a lot of good ideas into the ninth generation. Who probably also see the problems, but don’t have the time, resources or support to solve them.

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