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Xbox 360 Gamer Discovers Original Best Buy Launch Day Receipt

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An Xbox fan goes online to display a piece of memory from when the Xbox 360 first appeared on store shelves almost 20 years ago.

One Xbox user recently shared a genuine throwback from the Xbox 360’s debut on store shelves more than ten years ago. It was unclear how Microsoft’s first Xbox console would fare against competitors like Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Nintendo 64 when it was first introduced in 2001. Nothing would ever be the same again because it marked the start of the console wars as gamers knew them.

Four years later, in 2005, the Xbox 360 made its debut, and eager gamers lined up outside their local stores in all kinds of weather for hours to purchase the newest generation console at midnight launch events. Before gamers could buy the gaming system in November, MTV unveiled it in May. In 2022, the Xbox Series X will be much more difficult to locate during the holiday season. Back then, gamers lived in a different era, and getting your hands on the newest gaming console was sometimes easy.

Reddit user EvolutionIXMR, a devoted Xbox fan, shared their original Xbox 360 purchase receipt from 17 years ago. In December 2005, they bought a console from a Best Buy store in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was originally on sale for around $400, a bargain compared to how much more expensive consoles are now. Additionally, compared to 2022, moderating Xbox accounts was less common back then. Xbox recently disclosed that more than 4.8 million accounts had been banned during the first half of this year. Even though a lot has changed since then, Evolution’s post served to bring back memories for longtime brand supporters of their own Xbox 360 purchases.

The fan recalled that it was an unusually chilly night in Florida. Additionally, they disclosed that if you weren’t a serious Xbox gamer back then, your particular console lasted six months before you noticed the dreaded red ring of death. Evolution revealed that after returning it to Texas in “those cardboard coffins,” they got a replacement with the same problem. Ironically, after 17 years, one lucky Xbox 360 gamer this year finally experienced the red ring of death.

Other gamers were reminded of how they waited in line for hours in chilly weather to get an Xbox 360, with some fans waiting in shifts and grabbing hot beverages to stay warm. One supporter revealed that they, too, save receipts for memories, just like Evolution did. This is not the first time that references to this gaming console have appeared online; one player discovered an Xbox 360 game rental from Blockbuster that was forgotten and was now 15 years overdue. Whatever lies ahead for Xbox, its fans will always look back on this time with joy.

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