Megaton Musashi X will be released later, but also for PlayStation 5

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Japanese developer Level-5 has released a PlayStation 5 version of Megaton Musashi X announced. The free-to-play project is also scheduled to launch on December 16 in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The release was originally scheduled for December 1, but due to a delay in the anime, the content is being linked.

This is Megaton Musashi and the six post-launch updates that came with the game. Expanded with new story elements, game systems and robots. Megaton Musashi was originally released in November 2021 as a full-price game.

Those who bought the game back then will receive an exclusive set of items and robots for just 100 yen instead of the usual several thousand yen. Level-5 certainly hopes for more players who will then invest in microtransactions by switching to the free-to-play model. There are plenty of items and robots.

Megaton Musashi is set in the year 2118, where Earth was almost completely destroyed in a matter of days by alien invaders, the Dracter. 99 percent of Earth’s inhabitants have been exterminated and the aliens have built a nest for themselves out of the Earth. The Earth is shaped like a donut after the attack.

The opening movie

through gematsuArtwork: Megaton Musashi, Level 5

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